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                           Props List
                           Set-build Jobs


Director = Sarah
Producer = David H
Stage Manager = Lee
Front of House = Tricia
Wardrobe & Props = Jennie
Makeup = 
Hall Liasion = Kim
Firt Aider = 
Set Build = Chris & the Team
Sound Setup = Chris
Sound Desk Operator = Chris / Neil
Lighting Set up = David H
Lighting Desk Operator = David H 
Bar Supplies & Pricing = 
Bar Manger = 
Waiters 7th Feb = 
Waiters 8th Feb = 
Waiters 14th Feb = 
Waiters 15th Feb = 
Supper Supplies = Tricia
Supper Preparation = Tricia &
Photographer (Dress Rehearsal) = Richard B
Expenses = Jane

Nicola = Blanche Happ
Madela = Blanche S
Vicky = Cherry
Erica = Donna
Kim = Fiona
Mary = Julia
Jo = Maria

Chris = James
Jane = Miss Sophie